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Philosophy: “Technology first, quality-oriented, customers top, honest and sincerity”, Responsibility: Production:Safe、Environmental、Green、Healthy Quality: Quality-Oriented, Service First Benefits: Mutual Benefit, Equal Development Vision: To establish a international modern enterprise which has own itself’s brand, targeted market network, and the entity with international admittance passport to be relied on, has R&D center, high efficient management team , have the ability of independent innovation and capacity for sustainable development. Mission: Hard working with own Contribution to Society Company with staff Long time sucess Spirit: Truth, Integrity, Unity, Innovation

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Hangzhou Ocean chemical Co.,Ltd (Rare Earth Division) is a professional supplier and exporter engaging in the management and trade of Rare Earth both basic materials and deep processing products, as well as develop Rare Earth functional materials, Rare Earth application products and Rare Earth new products. Over the past years, company is committed to improving the prod...
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Cerium nitrate hexahydrate

CAS No:10294-41-4
Usages:Used in the manufacture of three-way catalyst, gas lamp gauze, tungsten electrode, the additive in h

Ceric ammonium nitrate

CAS No:16774-21-3
Usages:Commonly used in chemical ablation agent integrated circuit scale plate, pharmaceutical industry
Introduction:Formula: Ce.(NH4)2.(NO3)6MolecularWeight:548.22CAS:16774-21-3Appearance:Orangeredmonoclinicfine

Lanthanum(III) nitrate hexahydrate

CAS No:10277-43-7
Usages:Used in the production of optical glass, fluorescent powder, ceramic capacitor, oil refining catalys
Introduction:Formula: La(NO3)3.6(H2O)MolecularWeight:433.01CAS:10277-43-7Appearance:Whitegranularcrystal,eas

Yttrium nitrate hexahydrate

CAS No:13494-98-9
Usages:Widely used in all kinds of fluorescent materials, high quality refractory materials, artificial gem
Introduction:Formula: Y(NO3)3.6(H2O)MolecularWeight: 383.01CAS: 13494-98-9Appearance:Whitegranular

Dysprosium Nitrate Hexahydrate

CAS No: 35725-30-5
Usages:Used in the manufacture of dysprosium iron compounds, dysprosium compound intermediates, chemical re
Introduction:Formula: DyH12N3O15MolecularWeight:456.61CAS:35725-30-5Appearance:Lightyellow crystal,&nbs

Erbium nitrate pentahydrate

CAS No:10031-51-3
Usages:Used in the manufacture of thulium compounds intermediates, chemical reagent and other industries.
Introduction:Formula: Er(NO3)3.5(H2O)MolecularWeight:443.35CAS:10031-51-3Appearance:Pinkgranularcrystal,solu

Europium(III) nitrate hexahydrate

CAS No:10031-53-5
Usages:Used in other industries, such as three element catalyst, chemical reagent, etc.
Introduction:Formula: Eu(NO3)3.6(H2O)MolecularWeight:446.07CAS:10031-53-5 Appearance:Whitegranularcryst
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